See some of the UK’s most outrageous Street Rods and Dragsters on the runway at Sywell Classic!

After previous successful showings at Sywell Classic, the Street Car Shootouts hosted by Rodfathers UK are back – bigger and better than ever before, with nearly 40 of the UK’s most outrageous Street Rods and Dragsters.

In the past we’ve seen some awesome burnouts, especially from the Taz Racing team and some amazing launches; Who can forget Lucy Skinner’s Fiat launching for the sky with only her number plate stopping the car going any further up!

Don Scott in the 1970 Plymouth Superbird (Richard Petty replica) with that monstrous Hemi V8 now producing over 780 HP and that’s without the Nitrous. Since then, Don has run way down into the 9 second bracket at 138mph over the quarter mile and has won the Nostalgia Superstock Championship.

Another favourite to take the Shootout title, Phil Middleton in the Pro Street Forsdon Van, who incidentally lost to Chris Skinner in the mighty Red Fiat, will be out again for revenge. His 11-litre Steve Smyt built V8 is now producing 1250 HP and now running the quarter mile in just 8.4 seconds at 160mph! That is street legal with the same MoT that you run in your everyday cars. A final mind blowing figure on Phil’s car – it will reach 125 mph in just sixty feet!

With strong opposition coming from all corners of the UK, there’s no such thing as a dead cert. Not even a supercar could catch these boys. The Bugatti Veyron would run the quarter mile in 10.2 seconds – and would be out in the first round!

We’ve also been lucky enough to see Mark Fettler’s Thing 6 Supercharged Funny car. Originally a 1988 Dodge Daytona, which was raced in the States then brought over to the UK as the Budweiser car. Mark and his crew rebuilt the car now runs a 350 cubic inch small block Chevy motor with stage five old nostalgia fuel Supercharger, producing between 1500 and 2000 HP dependent on which set up is chosen for the track conditions.

This year will see some new cars as well as old favourites that have tweaked those mighty V8 engines for yet more power from old favourites and plenty of new cars to produce even more smoke more noise and yet another spectacular display from the Street Car Shootouts at Sywell Classic – Pistons and Props.


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