Celebrating 40 years experience, AeroSuperBatics are unique, the original and the best. With their 450hp engines, they guarantee the most dramatic, thrilling and powerful ride available in the UK.

Since 1984, AeroSuperBatics Ltd have been operators of famous airshow teams including the Crunchie Flying Circus, The Utterly Butterly’s, Guinot Wingwalkers and the Breitling Wingwalkers, displaying breath-taking performances across the world. They are Guinness World Record holders and have featured in numerous TV shows wingwalking with world renowned athletes and celebrities.

They will be putting on a special aerial display for us at the show! Further details to follow… 


Win a wingwalking experience!

If you’re joining us at Sywell Classic this year, you’re in luck – there will be the chance for one lucky visitor to win the experience of a lifetime to go Wingwalking!

Courtesy of AeroSuperBatics, you will be guided by their professional wingwalking team up on to the top wing. Once strapped in, you are ready to go!

With you standing on the wing, your pilot will fly you across the airfield and local area, passing over the wonderful countryside, then fly past the viewing enclosure so that your friends and family can watch you too.

Details on how to enter are coming soon.

2023 Displays

The Starlings

Appearing for the first time in 2021 during the display season, the ‘The Starlings”, are comprised of British Aerobatic Champions Tom Cassells and Michael Pickin. Performing high-octane close formation aerobatics including gyroscopic tumbles.

Both pilots have a combined aerobatic experience of over 50 years in air shows and competitions and have flown all over the world as solo acts and as part of a formation. Tom is a current Display Authorisation Evaluator and Michael is the youngest person ever to be British Aerobatic Champion.

The display showcases the performance, skill and abilities of both pilot and aircraft. The first half of the routine demonstrates formation aerobatics, opposition manoeuvres and provides some great chances for photographers to capture the team doing what they do best.

The aircraft used are the latest design from Germany, the Extra NG and the classic, world championship winning, Cap 232. Both aircraft are capable of unlimited aerobatics; roll rates in excess of 420 degrees per second and plus/minus 10G.

Thank you to Claire Hartley for the stunning photography.

The Bremont Great War Display Team

The Team was formed in 1988, the beginning of a long and successful presence on the display flying circuit . Their first display was at the Biggin Hill Air Show that year.

Fast forward to 2018, a year that marked the Centenary of the formation of the RAF and the end of the Great War, plus it was also the Team’s 30th Anniversary, and a hugely successful year with over 50 displays and flypasts flown.

The Team has displayed at a variety of airshows and public events at home and in Europe from world famous events like Farnborough, RIAT and Duxford to the impressive venues of Blenheim Palace, Broadlands and Highclere Castle.

The display includes a unique selection of Great War aircraft including Triplanes, SE5’s an Avro 504 and Junkers CL1. The aircraft are flown by a very experienced group of pilots ranging from test pilots, fast jet pilots, airline pilots and flying instructors with a long history of thrilling airshow crowds.

The display is carefully choreographed and precisely flown to mimic the chaos of a dynamic WW1 dogfight. It is a unique chance to see 4 Great War aeroplanes flying together and certainly the only opportunity to see the aircraft performing as they would have in aerial battles with a series of head on passes and spiral dives.

The Bremont Great War Team were the first team to be cleared by the CAA to display at 75 metres from the crowd under certain conditions. This makes for a much more intimate and entertaining display where you can see the pilots swivelling their heads as they manoeuvre in close proximity to get a “lead” on each other – just like a real dog fight! All accompanied by choregraphed pyro techniques!

A show not to be missed!

Battle of Britain Memorial Flypast

The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Team will be performing flypasts on both show days!


Keep your eyes to the skies as we’ll be joined by a Lancaster Bomber and Hurricane for two thrilling flypasts by the BBMF team.

Saturday: Lancaster flypast at 15:17
Sunday: Hurricane flypast at 13:17



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