Get ready to race as we bring you our most diverse line-up of classic and vintage motorsport on the Racing Runway to date! There’s a real mix of marques and motorsport to keep any motoring fan entertained.

Highlights include:


Single Seaters and Saloons including the Penske Indianapolis race car – The 1997 Penske-Mercedes PC26, a formidable short oval car, saw Paul Tracy to three victories in Rio, Nazareth and Gateway in the CART Championship. The victory at Gateway marked the 99th for the team and the final victory for a Penske Cars produced chassis.


Group B Rally Cars – The cars deemed to fast to race head onto the runway to tackle a bespoke rally stage on the tarmac. Expect squealing tyres and cheering crowds as the likes of Ford Escorts and Sierras take on the course. A Mini Cooper will recreate the scenes of ’60s rallying, a Chrysler Avenger and Fiat 131 Abarth representing the following decade, while going into the 1980s, a Lotus Sunbeam, Audi Quattros and a fire-breathing Metro 6R4, along with its Peugeot 205 T16 should electrify the crowds.


Historic Karting - The ‘pocket rockets’ of the British Historic Kart Club will be in action celebrating the 60th anniversary of the building of Art Ingels machine, which is now accepted as being the father of all karts. Around 40 karts will take part in the sessions, ranging from 1960 examples through to 1982.


NASCAR – Want a know what it’s like to be in a real-life American NASCAR? Now’s your chance. Straight from the USA, comes the American Race Car Experience who will be giving NASCAR passenger rides throughout the weekend as well as putting the car through it’s paces on the Racing Runway.